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Unconscious bias in Recruitment

Our minds make decisions intuitively, before we’re aware of it. Unconscious bias in recruitment is common but we can all do our bit to reduce it and make the recruitment process fairer. This video by ‘The Equal Group’ gives food for thought … Continue reading

Can Civil Engineering and Sustainability go hand in hand?

Sustainability is thankfully becoming more forefront when businesses are setting out their objectives or their company’s mission statements and values. In 2015, the United Nations, set out the Sustainable Development Goals (also known as the SDG’s) of which there are … Continue reading

Are rising business costs affecting recruitment in the Civil Engineering sector?

According to the Bank of England, the rate of inflation is set to rise to 11% this year, eventually slowing down by next year and at 2% in the next two years. Whilst it is somewhat of a relief to … Continue reading

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5 top tips for Civil Engineering CV writing

CV or Curriculum Vitae writing can be perceived as a daunting task; it is however your first opportunity to be noticed and impress a potential recruiter and/or employer. ‘Research conducted in the US (Ladders eye-racking study, 2018) and in Canada … Continue reading