Construction Sector Continues to Increase UK Employment Figures

At Intersect Global 2015 has started just as we left off before Christmas shut down, we are pleased to report increased numbers of permanent vacancies and job offers being made within the construction and civil engineering sectors.

It seems that this trend is set to continue with the Construction News reporting today that the UK construction industry will need an additional 223,450 jobs over the next five years to handle expected output growth to 2019, according to new research.

It will need to recruit an average of 44,690 people each year between now and 2019 to meet demand and deliver average annual output growth of 2.9 per cent, according to the latest Construction Skills Network report from Experian and the CITB.
The marks an increase from the annual requirement of 36,400 projected in 2014 and 20,050 in 2013.

The research also forecasts output and employment growth in all areas of the UK for the first time since 2008.

Annual average output growth between 2015 and 2019 is expected to be greatest in Wales (5.9 per cent), followed by Greater London (4.2 per cent) and the South-west (3.8 per cent).

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New Year – New Levels of Stress Amongst UK’s Workforce

Office workers returning after the festive season are experiencing higher stress levels, with half of the UK’s workforce (48%) revealing they are closer to burning out than they were just five years ago.

The research, conducted by Regus, surveyed over 3,000 of the UK’s business people about their work environment, and found that the top triggers of workplace stress are lack of exercise, feeling understaffed and job insecurity.

Finding ways to alleviate stress, many workers believe one way is a break from the main office, with 68% finding a change of scenery such as working from another location to be a good stress reliever.

In fact, having the freedom to occasionally work away from the main office is seen as a key factor in achieving a good work-life balance with two thirds (66%) of respondents believing workers with this flexibility are happier.

The experiences of those with the flexibility to work away from the office supports this, with three in five (62%) saying they are more content.

In addition, 53% of those surveyed believe that freelance workers, with their freedom to change location and set their own hours, are less stressed than regular staff.

Richard Morris, UK CEO at Regus comments: “Stress levels are mounting in the workplace as a result of various factors; workers feel deskbound and under-resourced.
“Dedicated workspaces offer the flexibility to work in a variety of locations. This is the future of work, and brings a number of benefits including improved productivity and employee well-being.”

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