Employers using Contractors to Plug Skills Gap

As we approach half way mark of 2017 I thought it would worth sharing some statistics from this month’s JobsOutlook Survey. I hope you find it of interest.

This information is gathered from employers across every sector, what is interesting is that the construction and technical sector continues to rank amongst the highest in terms of skill shortages.

Here are some of the key findings:
89 per cent of employers will increase or maintain their temporary workforce in the next three months.

This is a rise of nine percentage points compared to findings reported in March (80 per cent), suggesting that businesses may become increasingly reliant on temporary workers.

The survey of 606 employers also reveals:   
33 per cent report having no spare workforce capacity within their organisation
46 per cent anticipate a shortage of candidates to fill permanent roles in the next year, with construction, engineering & technical, and health & social care highlighted as particular areas of concern 
In the three months to April, one third (34%) of employers felt that UK economic conditions
were improving. This is compared to 27% of employers who thought the economy was worsening. However, marginally more large employers (250+ employees) felt the economy was worsening (29%) than improving (28%). Large employers were also the least content about making hiring and investment decisions as a consequence.

The UK workforce increased by 122,000 in January–March 2017 compared to October–December 2016. Self-employment decreased by 13,000, with a 14,000 decrease in self-employed part-timers and a 1,000 increase in self-employed full time workers. Temporary employment fell by 31,000 whereas permanent employment rose by 167,000. The UK workforce was 381,000 higher than the same period in the previous year. Year-on-year, permanent employment increased by 350,000, self-employment increased by 82,000, and temporary employment fell by 68,000.

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Wages on the Rise as Competition for Candidates Continues to Increase

It is hard to believe we are soon to approach the half way mark for 2017, the year has flown by so far and activity here at Intersect Global seems to reflect the general buoyancy of the civil engineering & construction sector at the moment.

The Recruitment and Employment confederation have recently released the latest job out look report, this information is gathered by corporate members of the REC so should give an accurate and valuable insight into where the jobs market is at the moment here in the UK.

I thought it would be useful to a share a snap shot of the latest findings :

42 per cent of employers who have had difficulty recruiting candidates have increased the salary on offer, according to April’s JobsOutlook report.

In an attempt to attract candidates after failing with an initial advertisement, 80 per cent of employers re-advertised the role, while 24 per cent have resorted to lowering the requirements of the role.

The REC’s latest JobsOutlook survey of 600 employers also reveals:
• 22 per cent of employers plan to increase permanent headcount in the short term (the next three months) and medium term (the next four to twelve months).
• Construction, engineering/technical and health/social care are the three sectors where employers most expect a shortage of candidates for permanent roles.
• 19 per cent of employers plan to increase temporary agency headcount in the medium term, and 12 per cent plan to do so in the short term.

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