New body set up to vet plant operator card schemes

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A new body has finally been set up to vet plant operator card schemes and ensure training standards meet basic industry needs.

The move comes amid concern that the proliferation of plant operator cards has been accompanied by a fall in general competency levels undermining confidence in the CSCS card standard.

To tackle the problem, several construction trade federations have formally now established a body known as the Plant Sector Representative Organisation.

The industry body will ensure national minimum technical and delivery standards are met by all card schemes.

PSRO will represent the users and owners of construction plant and advise both industry and any relevant authoritative bodies, including the Construction Leadership Council, on the standards required for the training, assessment and certification of plant-based occupations.

These include operators, maintenance, installation, inspection, hire, delivery and direct-supporting roles.

Crucially it is a requirement of the CLC that any new card scheme wishing to bear the CSCS logo must first demonstrate that they have the support of industry, which for plant schemes needs to be sought from the PSRO.

Support will only be provided once a scheme’s standards have been benchmarked against a competency framework before a scheme can then proceed with an application to carry the CSCS logo.

Kevin Minton, chair of the PSRO Board, said: “Feedback from the sector indicated that respect for card schemes is relatively low in terms of assessment and quality assurance.

“The variations among the card schemes is causing confusion with employers, who have limited time available to understand them.

“On behalf of the PSRO Board Members, we’re pleased that the construction sector federations have come together to form the PSRO and are starting to provide overarching solutions to these employer concerns.

“We also acknowledge the co-operation of CITB and of all the card schemes who have joined the Certificating Bodies Group.”

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