The Do’s and Dont’s of Video Interviews

Despite a hybrid return to the office, interviews continue to be conducted via video link as a first port of call followed by face to face second stage interviews.

So, what can you do to ensure you are invited for second interview?

The Do’s

Always ensure you are in a quiet location and that you have a professional looking background.

Ensure you dress appropriately.

Test the video link prior to your interview so you are familiar with it. Also test the sound and picture quality. Have a practice call with a friend or family member so you can adjust if required.

Ensure you have a strong internet connection, and should it fail during your interview you are able to toggle from your phone or have another backup.

Smile and relax, the more at ease you seem the more likely they will want to offer you a second interview.

The Don’ts

Don’t have mirrors in your background which could reflect on other areas of your home or the people within it, it is also best to avoid any personal items like photographs etc as this could be distracting.

Avoid cafes if possible, they tend to be too noisy for interviews and you are likely to be disturbed.

Avoid casual hoodies or lounge wear.

Don’t interrupt the interviewer, use the raise hand function if you have a question.

Don’t move too much, stand or leave the room until the interview is over.

By following these simple tips, you know you’re putting your best foot forward.

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