AI and Recruitment in the Built Environment

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The advancement of Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic in recent years which is now gaining even more momentum.

AI powered algorithms and software are becoming an increasing presence within most industries and recruitment is no different. From automatically generated emails, CV screening to chatbots FAQ’s, the idea is that AI help with reducing the amount of time a recruitment consultant spends on manual admin tasks and frees time for them to focus on client/candidate experience.

Below are some areas where AI has made an impact in the recruitment process:

Candidate Sourcing: AI-powered tools search on various platforms, including social media, to identify potential candidates who align with specific job criteria.

CV Screening: AI algorithms can efficiently scan and analyse CV’s, matching qualifications and skills to job requirements. This automated process helps recruiters handle large volumes of applications swiftly whilst minimising bias and increasing the likelihood of identifying suitable candidates.

Great for maintaining Equality, Diversity and Inclusion but also saves time on the manual admin tasks for recruiters.

Chatbot Interviews and FAQ’s: Virtual assistants and chatbots equipped with natural language processing capabilities can conduct initial interviews, posing pre-determined questions and assessing candidate responses.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

But whilst all this is great, the reality that AI cannot fully replace human involvement.

Here’s why humans are indispensable in recruitment:

  • Complex Decision-making: Humans possess the cognitive abilities necessary to consider intangibles such as culture fit, soft skills, and emotional intelligence during the hiring process.
  • Ethical Considerations: Human intervention is crucial to ensure fairness, eliminate bias, and guarantee that the hiring process is inclusive and representative of diverse talent pools.
  • Personalised Candidate Experience: Building strong rapport with candidates is a hallmark of successful recruitment. Human recruiters can provide a personalised touch, empathetic communication, and valuable feedback that candidates appreciate. These human interactions create a positive employer brand and enhance the overall candidate experience.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Humans possess the adaptability and flexibility to modify strategies, adjust requirements, and assess candidates on all their attributes, keeping in mind that businesses have evolving goals and objectives as well as cultural shifts.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Gut Feel: Human recruiters bring emotional intelligence to the hiring process, allowing them to gauge non-verbal cues, assess candidate motivation, and intuitively understand team dynamics.

At Intersect Global, we are always keeping abreast of the lates technology and how this can improve our offering for both our clients and our candidates. We hope that by using AI powered technology/software alongside the human judgement of our experienced recruiters we can produce great outcomes for our clients and our candidates.

Do you have vacancies that need to be filled or are you a candidate looking for your next career move?  We can help……simply connect with us on LinkedIn, reach out via our contact form or give us a call.

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