Are you guilty of Answering Work Phone calls at Inappropriate Times?

Over half (54%) of Brits have admitted answering work calls while in bed according to a new survey.

The survey from professional call answering service, alldayPA found that UK staff even struggle to switch off on Holiday with 41% of those surveyed answering business calls while on a break and 40% breaking up a trip to the pub to take a work call.

Almost a quarter revealed they were capable of handling more than one piece of business at a time as 24% claimed to have taken a call while on the toilet while three percent had taken a call while on a rollercoaster.

Men were the most likely to pick up a call while in bed with 40% saying they have done so compared to 27% of women.

Reflecting on the survey results, Gareth Jeffery, operations manager at alldayPA says, “We know that technology means we can be connected to work 24/7 but none of us expect employees to start taking calls on roller coasters!

“It’s clear to see from this survey that employees are embracing technology to get on top of their jobs but, looking at the results, there has to be a concern over the quality of work being completed over the phone when so many people are taking calls in the middle of social activities.”

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