How to demonstrate the impact of your achievements on your CV

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One of the key elements to CV writing is to demonstrate the impact of your achievement in previous roles you have held.

Unfortunately, not all of us have work in environments where we can provide percentages or hard figures showing how our efforts have contributed to the success of the department or business we have worked for.

So how can you demonstrate our achievements without actual data?

The first thing is to divide the work experience sections into ‘responsibilities’ and ‘achievements’ and build your sentences to read such as:

‘I was employed by……….to………….….’

‘Whilst in this role, I met the team’s goals/company’s objective by…………..’

Additionally, using power verbs and adverbs is an easy way to get your CV noticed. Using verbs like ‘negotiated’ and ‘initiated’ along with ‘confidently’ and ‘resourcefully’ just make your achievements sound better. It brings out your qualities that employers are looking for, gives an insight to the way you work and how you will fit into the team.

Take care when using adverbs however as overuse can make your CV noticeable for the wrong reasons.  

You can also add a section on your own personal development. This section can include data such as the number of training courses you’ve attended (in-person or online), new qualifications you’ve gained, new skills you’ve learnt, number of awards you have received as well as the number of team members you’ve trained, coached or mentored and the number of times you’ve been promoted.

Remember, employers may ask you to elaborate on these examples!  

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