Intersect Global Ltd joins Surfers Against Sewage’s Ocean Network

We are very proud to announce that we have become one of the latest business to join Surfers Against Sewage’s Ocean Network. 

The Ocean Network is a national movement with over 300 businesses supporting environmental solutions.

From the safety of our swimming beaches to the health of our river systems, the UK’s waterways are in a bad way. With over 370 000 discharges of raw sewage into UK rivers in 2021 as well as sewage dumps on our coastlines which have been reported recently; 75% of UK rivers pose a serious risk to human health. 39% reports of sickness after bathing linked to sewage discharge in the area. (

It’s estimated that over 12 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into the ocean every single year. Countless fish, birds, turtle, whales and marine creatures are killed each year by mistaking plastics for food or getting entangled in discarded fishing gear across the world.

Plastics don’t disappear over time. Instead, the break down into smaller and smaller pieces. These tiny plastics enter the ocean food chain and have been found inside humans, with as yet unknown effects on our health.

Plastic production is also increasing oil extraction, even as demand falls from transport and energy. Over 90% of plastic is made from chemicals sourced from fossil fuels – an industry still subsidised by the UK Government.

From its production to its slow breakdown in the ocean, plastic-related emissions hit the equivalent of 1.0 gigatonnes of CO2 in 2016, and could rise to 2.1 gigatonnes by 2040 – that’s 19% of the world’s emissions if we limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.


By joining the Ocean Network, Intersect Global Ltd is helping with Surfers Against Sewage’s education project reaching over 1.4 million young people all over the country, inspiring them to take action on plastic waste in their schools. Their support of over 800 towns and cities on their journey to becoming Plastic Free Communities. Supporting them in putting pressure on the Government to outlaw non-recyclable plastics, and on industry to take full responsibility for their plastic waste.

And also, support the UK’s largest network of over 140,000+ volunteers, empowering people to reduce their plastic use, clean up plastic pollution, and galvanise their communities to protect the marine environment.

Considering joining the Ocean Network or simply make a one-off donation to Surfers Against Sewage? Follow this link for full details.

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