London – The Most Desirable City to Work In

London has been voted as the most desirable city to work in the world, according to a survey by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and
The survey analysed the respondents of more than 200,000 people from 189 countries and almost one in six of those involved (16%) expressed a longing to work in London, ahead of New York and Paris.

The UK was only beaten by the United States with 42% of respondents noting it as their country of choice to work in compared 37% choosing the UK.
Canada was also a popular destination for international jobseekers with 35% of those surveyed stating they would consider moving there for work.
The study also discovered that Britons were less likely to want to move abroad for work. On a global basis, less than half of Britons would make a move abroad whereas almost two thirds of workers in other countries are willing to relocate for a job.

Mike Booker of believes that the results of the survey “cements London’s reputation as a truly global city”.
“Not only does it offer a wealth of job opportunities in a range of industries, but it boasts some of the world’s top cultural attractions, so it’s no surprise that people across the globe want to come and work here,” he explained.

“In light of this report, employers must take a more global approach to recruitment. As the workforce is so mobile, companies will have to compete globally to attract the best talent, making sure that they target the right groups and differentiate their recruitment strategy,” he added.
64% of participants revealed that broadening experience was the first reason they considered a role abroad and BCG Senior Partner, Rainer Strack, believes that “the geographic barriers to employment are coming down, including in the minds of some of the most talented and highly educated workers”.
“This is opening up significant opportunities for individuals and for the many countries and multinational companies that are facing talent shortages of one sort or another,” he concluded

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