Market Conditions & Interview Tips

It has certainly been a very busy start to the year for us at Intersect the first quarter of 2013 has flown by.

The infrastructure sector continues to gain momentum and with the budget out the way it is good to see that the investment will continue in our sector creating many more jobs and opportunities.

We have noticed an increased demand for permanent employees amongst our clients, which is hopefully a sign of confidence creeping back.

On the subject of jobs I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some useful interview tips. You can avoid almost all interview mishaps if you put in the right preparation before hand. Here are my top tips.


1) The Role

Make sure that you understand what the actual role /vacancy is and that you are armed with a mental list of your top selling points. These should be well thought out (not just text book) and realistic and you should be able to talk about them with ease. This will ensure the interviewer is aware of your advantages over others.


2) The Company

There is nothing worse than going to an interview with little of no knowledge about the hiring company. Make sure you know their history, size, profitability and can talk about the markets in which they operate.

Do your homework ahead of time so you are ready to say why you want to work at that job and for that company.


3) Company Culture

The work environment will most certainly have a huge impact on whether you love your job or hate it. It is good practice to address the work culture with your interviewer to make sure your values align.


4) Industry Knowledge

This is a hugely important aspect that can make you stand out from other applicants

Show off your knowledge of the industry. Talk about recent newsworthy events or the company’s newest projects. Thoroughly understanding your industry proves your passion for the field. In addition, having this knowledge suggests you have a deeper level of expertise than the average candidate.


5) Past experiences

Your past experiences demonstrate how you would perform if you were offered the job. So, you want to be prepared to describe past experiences where you had a big impact.  Make sure that you have tangible examples that are relevant to the demands of the job on offer.

When talking about previous jobs always be positive and do not over explain your reasons for leaving, make sure that you are can demonstrate a forward step in your career at any moves you may have made.


6) Examples of Your Work

If possible and appropriate take a portfolio or  a visual representation of your past work. It not only shows off your accomplishments, it also gives you added value. While a portfolio may not be essential for many positions, having physical representations off your work that you can share upon request will make you look good because you went that extra mile.


7) Well Thought-out Questions

You must have questions at the end of the interview! Generally speaking hiring managers are disappointed if you don’t.

Well thought out appropriate questions help show your desire for the job. They can also give you more insight into the role, which may not have been addressed during the more formal portion of the interview.

A good example could be to determine what future prospects are available or what the hiring managers expectations of your achievements would be within the first 6 – 12 months.


8). Next steps

It is good practice to ask what the next stage of the interview process is.

In most cases a second interview will be required, it could also be that you will know the outcome for a few weeks. By asking about these next steps, you’ll know what to expect and gain some peace of mind. You’ll also show your enthusiasm for this position.


Hopefully these tips will help you to make sure that the interview process runs as smoothly as possible, go though this check list before your next interview.

Finally remember first impressions count!

Wear your smartest suit and greet your interviewer with a firm handshake.

Always maintain good eye contact throughout and leave on a positive note.

If you are interested in making a career move Intersect can help you  achieve your goals. We recruit on behalf of leading employers in the construction an infrastructure sector. Visit our site give us a call on 020 76820668 or email your CV to



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