Plans for Crossrail 2

Plans for Crossrail 2 have stated to take shape and procurement could start as early as 2018.
Transport for London has launched a second consultation for a ‘regional option’ of its proposed Crossrail 2 mega scheme.
A new station in Chelsea, stops at Hackney or Dalston Junction and an extension from Alexandra Palace to New Southgate are all now possible scenarios for the ambitious scheme, the core of which is a tunnel from Wimbledon in the south-west to Tottenham in the north-east.
The new announcement follows last summer’s consultation, in which TfL asked for feedback on two options: a metro route and the regional route, the latter of which has now been adopted following overwhelming support (96 per cent) from around 14,000 respondents.
As part of that consultation, various options to link to existing Network Rail stations in the Home Counties and to Cheshunt and Alexandra Palace in the north were also mapped out.
London mayor Boris Johnson said the newly revised plans mean Crossrail 2 could be up and running by 2029, up to four years ahead of schedule.

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