Sustainability Day 2022 – Tips to be more sustainable at work.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Ahead of Sustainability Day on the 26th of October, we have scoured the internet to find the top 5 tips to be more sustainable at work in 2022.

Of course, some tips may be easier to implement than others, but we can all do our bit for the environment.

1.Reduce plastic usage and recycle.

According to Surfers against Sewage, 12 million tonnes of plastic end in our oceans every year. Plastic has been found in the deepest parts of the ocean, as far as the Antarctic and across UK’s beaches.

From encouraging your team to use reusable coffee cups and water bottles to banning single use plastics such as plastics straws and cutlery.

2.Switch your office energy provider to a green supplier.

This may be a tad difficult to implement especially in shared building but there are quite a few green energy suppliers such as Ecotricity.

3.Offer a cycle to work scheme.

Cycle to Work is a government initiative that we’ve supported for many years which offers employees who want to cycle to work the opportunity to get a new bike and accessories, tax-free. According to the .GOV website:

‘Many employees choose to cycle to work. As well as being one of the healthiest and most environmentally friendly modes of transport, cycling is a great way to reduce congestion.’

4.Consider working in a co-working space.

There are countless reasons why working in a co-working space is beneficial, but from an environmental perspective shared spaces and resources Coworking spaces possess a huge potential to support environmental sustainability due to their inherently sharing-oriented constitution.

5.Print less.

This may seem like an obvious one but going digital is better for the environment but could also save your company money on ink and paper. And, if you really have to print that document, try using recycled paper.

We at Intersect Global have already implement some of these initiatives to do our bit for the planet and be a more sustainable recruitment business.

Want to be part of our team? We are recruiting for a range of Quantity Surveying roles with Civil engineering contractors across London and the South East, send us your CV or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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