Is September a good time to search for a new job?

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Generally speaking, to increase your chances of finding the job that best suits your preferences, experience and qualifications always ensure that you regularly update your CV and keep looking throughout the year.

That said, there are times of the year where hiring tends to be slower namely December and August. In December, businesses will tend to work towards wrapping things up before Christmas and New Year’s Eve, office environments will be more relaxed and as a norm companies won’t employ new team members during that time as their induction and training is likely to be interrupted by the festive season.

In August, the summer holidays are in full swing, hiring managers and their teams will be on holiday and most teams will function with a lower amount of people in the office.

So, when are the optimal times of the year in which to apply for a new role?

The general recruiting consensus is that September and January are a great time to begin the search for a new job.

Some reasons for this are that hiring managers are now fully back in the office after the festive season or the summer months and will have more bandwidth to divert their attention to recruitment. Recruiting companies also know that graduates will be looking for work then so will dedicate more time to it. 

With September well and truly here, is your CV up to date? For some top tips on CV writing read our CV Writing Blog.

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