Employment Trends during 2012

As the year draws to an end and we all look forward to the Christmas break it seems like an opportune time to report on some employment trends over the past year and look forward to what the industry may have install for us during 2013.

Looking at our activity during 2012 Intersect have seen a considerable rise in the amount of vacancies for both permanent and freelance jobs compared to 2011.  A large number of these vacancies have been as part of company growth particularly from consultancies and contractors involved in infrastructure and rail projects in the Capital.

Our observations are backed up by a report published last week by

The Recruitment Employment Confederation and KPMG which provides the most comprehensive guide to UK Labour market drawing on original survey data provided by recruitment consultancies.

Some of the key findings are:

Upturn in staff placements continues: November being the second successive monthly rise in perm staff placements with the rate of growth picking up the fastest  in  19 months.

Overall vacancies increased at a faster pace in November with growth at a 19 month high. Data showed that a robust demand from private sector employers offset weak demand from the public sector.

Strongest increase in revenues generated from temp / freelance worker since March 2011.

Pay pressures remain weak: Although salaries are seeking a moderate rise the rate of inflation was sharpest for 14 months.

The availability of Temporary Staff increased in November where as availability of permanent staff remained static.

Public Sector demand for temporary staff rose last month but a further contraction in demand was indicated for permanent workers.

Demand rose for seven categories during November with the exception of the hotel and catering industry  – the good news for our sector is that the sharpest rise was indicated for the Engineering and Construction market.

Kevin Green the REC Chief Executive commented “recruiters are reporting another monthly increase in the number of people placed in both permanent and temporary jobs, and its beginning to look like an accelerating trend. Employer confidence is bouncing back with business feeling more encouraged to hire, which bodes well for the New Year.  The reductions in corporation tax and investment in big infrastructure projects announced in the Autumn Statement should help boost confidence even higher and encourage more job creation in 2013″.

Bernard Brown, Partner Head of Business Services at KPMG comments “Twelve Months ago employment prospects were bleak. Today however the negative outlook has been replaced with cautious  optimism as employers gradually gain confidence to make decisions about the vacancies they want to fill”.


The last quarter of 2012 has seen the jobs market in the UK improve and whilst the construction and engineering sector still has a long way to go to fully recover there are some positive signs that we feel should be focussed on rather than talking ourselves into another recession.  Many of the vacancies we have on the books are still proving very tough to fill particularly for Quantity Surveying, Planners, Cost Managers and Commercial Managers which indicates employer demand is outstripping supply of workers in these specialist disciplines.

With government pledges to increase investment in our sector and employer confidence improving we look forward to continuing the upward trend next year that we have seen through out 2012.

As well as the vacancies listed on our website wwww.intersectglobal.co.uk Intersect are also recruiting for a number of other commercial  & operational vacancies  on aviation, heavy civil engineering, rail. utility, highways and energy projects.

If you would like to enquire about any of these roles or would like us to assist you with your next career move please give us a call on 020 76820668.




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